Post OP Instructions For Root Canal

PROCEDURE: During a root canal therapy, the nerve, blood supply, and decayed tooth structure are removed.

FEELING: The anesthesia will begin to wear off in 30-120 minutes. Until that time, avoid all hot foods or liquids, and do not chew. This is to prevent accidently burning or biting your lips cheeks, or tongue until feeling has returned.

TEMPORARY FILLING: A temporary filling is normally placed after a root canal treatment. This type of filling is used to seal the root canal area until a final restoration (usually a crown) can be placed. This temporary filling is soft and may become easily chipped or worn. If you believe the filling has been severely broken or lost, please call the office. (404) 237-0497

TASTE: After treatment, a medicinal or funny taste may be evident. This is usually due to irrigation solution used during the treatment or medicated dressing that the doctor has placed inside your mouth.

TOOTH STRENGTH: A root canal treated tooth is more susceptible to breaks and fractures. Therefore it is very important that care be exercised during chewing until a final restoration can be completed. Avoid all hard foods such as ice, popcorn, chewing gum, and hard candies.

ORAL HYGIENE: Clean and floss your mouth as usual. There are no restrictions concerning cleaning the root canal treated the tooth.

MEDICATIONS: In most cases, an over the counter pain medication will provide relief from any discomfort. Anti-inflammatory medications like Advil and Motrin are excellent for reducing post-treatment soreness. If the need for a stronger pain medication or antibiotic is anticipated, prescriptions will be provided.

RINSES: The gum area around the root canal tooth or in the area where the rubber dam clamp was placedmay be tender following treatment. warm salt water rinses (1/2 tsp. salt in 8 oz. glass warm water) can be swished in mouth every 10-20 minutes for the first 2-6 hours.

CONCERNS AFTER TREATMENT: Although it is rare, if pronounced discomfort o or significant swelling occurs please call our office at 404-237-0497.

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