"Loved it! Everyone at the office is extremely helpful and caring. Dr. Wolff is the epitome of what a physcian of any field should be; confident, caring, and accommodating. I origianlly just went in for a general cleaning, but wound up getting porcelain veneers because I felt so confident in Dr. Wolff's and her staff. I would not go to any other dentist; I am even making my husband change his dentist.

- Sue

Dr. Wolff's office is Da Bomb. TVs on the ceiling and you get your own remote control. Netbooks in the lobby. Free coffee. Free goodie box gifts not only for kids but for grownups. If it's not an oxymoron for going to the dentist to be totally bitchin', I'm saying it. Have already recommended her to numerous friends. The biggest no-brainer in the history of Earth.

- Anonymous

"Thanks for a quick, painless root canal! You are the best. 


I have been a patient of Dr Wolff's for 17 years - her practice has kept up with the most current science and technology. Both Dr Wolff and Dr. Greene provide comprehensive, competent and professional care mixed with a personal approach that keeps me coming back no matter where I live in the country!


Who would think having a crown put on a molar would be a pleasant experience? Well, it was thanks to Dr. Wolff and her great team!


The hip place to get your pearly whites back in shape. Nice folks, feels more like a spa than a dentist....seriously.


Everyone in this office is caring, friendly and helpful. The office is delightfully high tech. And they are well organized and efficient. My mother's care has been challenging for them but they never give up. I changed my own dental care to them on the basis of my experiences with Dr. Wolff and her team caring for my mother. She sees the entire patient, not just "teeth and gums". She takes time to know you. They prepared several options for my mother so we could make and informed decision. I wish that all healthcare practitioners were as thorough. I cannot recommend her practice enough! BTW while waiting for my mother's work to finish, they let me use one of the dental lounge chairs so I could elevate my recently broken ankle! Now that's caring.


At 67 I have seen technology change a lot since the early days where the dentist would put one foot on your chest so to hold you in the seat while he (then) would choose the appropriate weapon of torture. How things have changed. I actually look forward to these visits with Carol and her colleagues. Man, these guys are good.


Love the treasure box...lol...and the staff. Always feel like Dr. Wolff takes time with me and doesn't do anymore work then needs to be done at the time. I really like that and it establishes trust for when the 'big' stuff needs to be done. :)


With all the luxurious surroundings, i.e. Massage chairs, TV, wifi; and loving staff, I was able to melt away in the dentist chair to world all my own, instead of a dentists' office. I felt like I really got to know the staff and vice versa. They dedicated their time and energy to me and answered all of my questions and discussed every option honestly. I am actually looking forward to my next massage... I mean dentist appointment.


Perfect Teeth Whitening! - The experience was excellent; from the greeting, preparation for procedure, information given, and care taken to achieve results with no pain. Great care was taken to ensure that the whitening was done professionally and there were no negative aspects. The extras: neck warmer, television with earphones helped me relax and the time passed quickly. I highly recommend Dr. Wolff and the staff for all procedures. All care greatly about comfort of patient and are willing to listen to any concerns.


I have been going to Dr. Carol Wolff for many years. Everything about the experience of going to her office is excellent starting with the friendly ladies at the front desk to the outstanding hygenists to Dr. Wolff herself. I use to be so afraid to go to the dentist but thanks to Dr. Wolff & her staff they make it a wonderful experience. I highly recommend her.


A Blessing - No one likes going to the dentist, but the "Dr Wolff experience" is as pleasant as one could ever hope when going to the dentist. Thanks and five stars to everyone in the office. I'm a nervous patient and every effort is always made to accomodate my fears and needs.


I really fear going to the dentist and everyone at Dr. Wolff's office immediately put me at ease. The cost for my procedure was discussed up front so there were no surprises, and they were willing to work with me while I waited for insurance reimbursement. I was provided with noise cancelling earphones so that I could listen to a book on tape on my ipod while they worked on my mouth, but there is also a tv that you can plug into, if you prefer that. You sit in a massage chair and there are blankets if you get cold. Also, there is no judgment. I hadn't been to the dentist in years, but Dr. Wolff just got to work on what we need to do to improve my dental health and new habits I should adopt. Overall, it was a very positive, stress free, and mostly pain free experience. I would HIGHLY recommend.


Love, love, love the folks there: the professionalism, the expertise, and the genuine interest in the patient's overall well-being.


I arrived at Dr Wolff's office with a sheepish grin as I had chipped my front tooth. No worries, Carol worked her magic with deft ability and restored my radiant smile. Gotta love her.


No one likes going to the dentist, but the "Dr Wolff experience" is as pleasant as one could ever hope when going to the dentist. Thanks and five stars to everyone in the office. I'm a nervous patient and every effort is always made to accomodate my fears and needs.


I always feel so welcome when I come into the office, the front office team are wonderful. Dr. Wolff is friendly and professional. Very happy with the whole experience.


I felt like I was at a spa that also did dental work!

I always look forward to seeing Carol and Co! To say that about your dentist is really something, but they all feel like good friends. Thanks for taking care of us!


Very professional staff, but warm and friendly! Shyra is an outstanding dental hygienist, and Dr. Wolff is the BEST...


Exceptional - I was always comfortable and Dr. Lang went the extra mile to remove a stain from the front of my tooth. Thanks for caring and doing such a wonderful job!


Loving and understanding - Dr. Wolff and Dr. Lang are fantastic, skilled and talented, and at the top of their game. The Assistants and Office staff are wonderful to work with, fun, compassionate, flexible and responsive to patient needs and requests. I wish I knew them all when I was a child!


From the first to the last moment of our visit we couldn't help our continuous smile as to the quality of treatment we received. Every staff member made us feel special and comfortable. The office is so warm, charming and inviting. The highest of all standards is obviously achieved. We love your attention to detail: comfortable, massaging dental chairs, warm neck towel (if desired), personal TV! WOW! We applaud your efforts and look forward to a return trip" Cydelle."Staff is always super friendly and so good with my two daughters. We love you guys. Thanks!


Great visit! On time. Easy.

Carol Wolff and staff are the best. Always warm, welcome and very efficient and thorough. Never a complaint. Complete one stop service...in minutes a new crown, or a new veneer...No pain, non invasive and very caring. Thanks Carol, never thought I'd look forward to going to the dentist.


You set the bar for what a dentist visit should be. Thanks for making it such a positive experience!


The entire staff is great. They worked with me to find a time in my schedule. I'm a little bit of a scaredy-cat about the dentist, but everyone was SO WONDERFUL... I had no problem!!!


I felt relaxed and calm throughout my entire dental cleaning and exam. This is the best dentist.

My visit was exceptional. The staff was very professional and was very effective in easing my fears. Dr. Wolf was very gentle and did an excellent job. To add 'icing' to cake, she completed my experience by following up with me on the night of my procedure to make sure that I was ok. I would highly reccommend Dr. Wolf and her staff to others.


It's funny to say that I look forward to going to the dentist. Everyone is cheerful, nice and really care about the patients.


Went very well as usual. Started early. Finished on time.

Dr. Wolff and her staff are exceptional in all that they do from the moment you walk in the office. Positive and friendly faces greet you and they are always mindful of the importance of their customer's time. I have referred several family members to Dr. Wolff's practice!


As a patient for over a quarter century, I have found expert care in a very warm and friendly setting.


I was speaking with the women in the reception area when leaving. I shared it is like a spa treatment- calming, beautiful, so much care (Including the neat coffee options and the computers at every seat in the waiting area-WOW. I felt exceptionally cared for in my dental health by friendly, caring, gentle and professional staff and wonderful Dr. Wolff. I got a spa experience and took care of my body at the same time. THANK YOU!


Thanks for always being there when I need you. Your (all of you)support is very special to me since I am so paranoid of the dentist office. I always leave smiling...even if it is a numb smile!


Great Dentist - Carol Wolff DDS is great!

I enjoy visiting with everyone( all my friends)-it almost makes going to the dentist fun!

Muchas Gracias! - I was totally satisfied and happy as I am at all of visits to this office!

The hygienist did an excellent job especially around my hard to clean permanent retainer! I was able to use my bleach trays last night and now my teeth are whiter and cleaner than they have been in months. :)


Entire staff is efficient, professional and knowledgable as to my dental needs.

The computerized system for making crowns is amazing and convenient.

Who would think having a crown put on a molar would be a pleasant experience? Well, it was thanks to Dr. Wolff and her great team.


I called in the morning for a broken tooth and they took me in the afternoon (1:00)and included in the office visit my cleaning which was scheduled for next month. I also had a minor cavity filled. A crown was made right there and I was out of the office about 3:00. The care and gentleness of everyone who worked on my teeth was wonderful.



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